Sunday, August 31, 2008

Theatre Party for Trouble the HR 4048 event today

We are looking to have a theatre party this weekend, perhaps a Sunday matinee in Berkeley of "Trouble the Waters," a new film which looks at the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. (I originally thought about a Saturday matinee, but 9/6, is the East Bay AIDS Walk in the morning, so I will be joining the team raising money for the Uganda orphans.

The co-directors of "Trouble the Waters," are in town this weekend and will be at select screenings. I'll have the co-directors and producers on my radio show Friday, Sept. 5, 8-9:30 AM. To see a trailer visit

Visit: to hear the show. Leave a comment if you are interested in attending the screening with us. Today at San Jose State there is a teach-in on HR 4048 this afternoon on the Gulf Recovery Bill. Visit for Anne Makovec's coverage of the topic 8/30-31. The teach-in begins at 3 PM.

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Char said...

Wow great photos! What a fun event standing room only!